How often should you redesign your website?

May 18, 2022

We generally recommend redesigning your website every five years. 

That said, this question is kind of like asking how often you should get a haircut. It’s slightly different for everyone. And are we talking a “simple clean up” or a whole new look? What’s the goal here? And how’s the state of your hair—er, website? 

Redesigning your website is an investment that should be made with purpose and intention. It should align with your business’s goals to make sure it’s really helping you move the needle. 

So is it time for a website redesign?

In this post, we’re going to help you decide. 

Redesigning vs. Updating

First, what’s the difference between redesigning your website and updating it?

We consider website redesigns as complete overhauls of the look and functionality of your website. This will typically include a new website strategy with new pages, new layout, new functionality, new copywriting, and probably new photos and graphics. It may also involve transferring your domain to a different hosting platform, depending on your goals.

This doesn’t mean every single idea from your old site has to be scrapped for the sake of scrapping. If there are elements that are working well, we’ll certainly keep those. But we start with a clean slate so we can see your website holistically and rebuild it from the ground up.

On the other hand, updating is about maintaining your existing website. It’s those smaller changes you need to keep your customers (and Google) happy with up-to-date info. 

It may involve adding a new page to your current site architecture, making minor tweaks to your design and copywriting, incorporating a new feature, or swapping in new photos. It could also involve building out new case studies or revamping your careers page.

Does it look…old?

One sure-fire sign you need a full website redesign is if it looks…bad. 

Take a step back (maybe peek at some other websites in your industry). How does your website feel at first glance?

Does it feel like it’s from the dinosaur era? Is it dated, crowded, or confusing? Do things load super slowly?

If your website is feeling a little retro, it’s time for a full redesign. 

Has your branding changed?

Maybe your website doesn’t look dated. But if your branding has changed, you’ll want a website redesign. This is so important for making sure your business’s presence is consistent and easily recognizable. 

Branding involves everything from your visual identity (logos, color palettes, overall look), to your core messaging and brand voice. If you’ve updated these things, it’s best to start fresh with your website. You don’t want it to feel like you’re Frankenstein-ing your branding onto your website. 

Are you re-doing your copywriting?

On a similar note, if you’re completely re-doing your website copy, it’s a good idea to redesign your website too. You may be re-doing your website copy because your offers and brand positioning have changed. Maybe the personality and tone are off. Or maybe you DIY’d your copy before and you need to take it up a serious notch by hiring a professional

When making major website copy changes, it’s better to start fresh with your design so you’re not stuffing your new and improved messaging into boxes that don’t fit. 

Is it functioning well?

You definitely need a website redesign if the functionality is off! Are you getting lots of error pages, weird redirects, slow loading speeds, or wonky layouts?

It’s super important to integrate responsive web design so your site runs smoothly on all devices (phones, desktops, tablets, laptops). You’ll also want to make sure your “Core Web Vitals” are optimized, which are a set of metrics Google uses to determine if a website is user-friendly. These metrics basically measure how good your loading speed is. The better your loading speed, the more likely your website is to show up in search results. 

If any of this techy stuff isn’t performing well, it’s time for a redesign. 

Is your website reaching your goals?

Even if your website is the most beautiful thing that’s ever graced the internet, if it isn’t hitting the goals you set for it, what’s the point?

Is it bringing in solid traffic? Is it attracting the right leads? Is it communicating what you need it to communicate and providing the functionality you need it to? Is it helping you generate the revenue you need it to?

While minor updates can help with certain goals, if you’re really falling short, a redesign is probably a good idea. When you go through a redesign, you’re able to thoroughly improve your SEO, user experience, and strategy for your website so it better aligns with your goals.

Still not sure?

If your website looks good (or at least you think so), your branding hasn’t changed, and your website is still doing its job as far as you know, then consider our rule of thumb. We recommend a website redesign about every 5 years to:

  • Keep Google happy
  • Keep it looking fresh and vibrant
  • Optimize performance

All of this ensures your website gets more of the right traffic and keeps your business’s goals at the forefront. 

Time for a website redesign?

At Drio, we design creative, strategy-driven websites that solve problems and make your brand the obvious choice. If you’re looking for a website that matches your business’s growth and does more than look pretty (though it’ll certainly do that too), we can help you get there.

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