5 major reasons you should invest in professional copywriting 

January 20, 2022

When you’re launching a new website or revamping your existing one, the first thing that comes to mind might be how the website will look. In other words, the design. 

Quality design plays a pivotal role in the success of your website. It helps improve functionality, SEO, and your brand’s overall trust factor. But it’s not the only thing you need to consider. 

The words on your website—or your copy—are equally important. 

Afterall, your website copy is one of the main elements we, as your designers, will be designing around. Without copy, all you’d be left with are some images, buttons, and graphic elements… 

Some business owners opt to DIY their copy but, let’s be honest: You’re busy! Even if you’re a strong writer, you likely don’t have time to master the art and science of website copywriting and craft high quality content. 

As web designers, we want our clients’ websites to be the best they can possibly be. That’s why we strongly believe, if you invest in professional design, chances are you should invest in professional copywriting too. It will only make your beautiful, strategic design all the more worth it. 

Here are five reasons you should consider investing in professional copywriting.

1. A professional copywriter helps you resonate with your ideal customers 

When writing copy, you have to write in your customers’ language. You must understand how they speak about their issues, desires, and your industry as a whole. This is how you resonate with them and help them grasp your “solution.” 

A professional copywriter conducts thorough research to develop a deep understanding of your customers. They’ll use interviews, surveys, your existing materials, and/or online resources to identify trends and “get inside the heads” of your people. 

They’ll then use these findings to clearly articulate the value of your offers in a way that appeals to your customers. They’ll write copy your readers can relate to, which helps the readers form a stronger connection to your business. 

2. A professional copywriter improves the user experience for your visitors

Writing for a website is very different from writing blogs, essays, or even social media captions. Just think about how you interact with websites when you’re trying to find information or decide if a product’s right for you.

Chances are, you expect the copy to help you quickly gather the details you need. You don’t want to spend ages sifting through paragraphs or clicking confusing buttons to get the job done. If it’s too hard, you’re likely to bounce off the page.

A professional copywriter knows how to organize information that boosts the user experience, and leverage website-friendly formatting techniques. They can envision how your designer will generally want to present things and write in a way that aligns with your website’s goals. 

Which means your website is better for your visitors’ experience and, hence, better for you!

3. A professional copywriter can help boost your SEO

Another important aspect of website copywriting is SEO. While there are many factors that play into SEO (including design, functionality, and backlinks), you’re an extra step ahead if your website copy is SEO optimized. 

Many professional website copywriters will offer keyword research to determine which keywords should be targeted on each page. They’ll consider things like your customers’ search intent, trends, keyword search volume, and keyword difficulty to help improve your rankings in search results. 

If your copywriter doesn’t offer keyword research themselves, they’ll know how to incorporate an existing SEO strategy. They’ll be able to properly integrate your target keywords into your copy so it sounds natural—and not like you just stuffed them in. 

4. A professional copywriter helps increase conversions (aka bookings and sales)

One of the purposes of your website is likely to generate leads or make sales. To do that, there’s a certain level of selling strategy required. 

Enter: conversion copywriting. 

This is a type of persuasive copywriting that helps get visitors to take a specific action or “convert.” Converting can mean filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, scrolling down a page, clicking a button, or actually buying something. 

A copywriter’s aim is to write clear content that educates the reader and communicates the benefits your offer brings to their lives. They know how to write to a specific goal that aligns with your strategy and doesn’t confuse visitors. 

A good copywriter will also know how to do it all without sounding icky or “salesy.” Because no one wants that!

5. A professional copywriter helps you stand out with a strong brand voice

Just as visual branding helps make your business memorable and builds trust, so does your brand voice.

Your brand voice is how you express your business’s personality whenever you communicate through words. It’s the tone, energy, and feeling readers pick up on, which is key for generating a know, like, and trust factor. 

Without a strong and consistent brand voice, it’s easy for your copy to:

  1. Blend into the background by sounding just like every other business in your field, or
  2. Confuse readers with major shifts in tone or language 

A copywriter will help you zero in on a brand voice that aligns with your business’s mission, goals, and personality. They’ll ask you questions about the types of feelings you want your copy to elicit, scope out the competition, and study your existing content to spot trends. 

Whether you want your voice to be quirky and fun or soulful and serious, they’ll capture those traits across your website copy so it’s engaging and true to your brand. 

Make your professional website design all the more worth it!

Many business owners tend to overlook their copywriting when they first decide to revamp their website. Sometimes they assume the designer will take care of it. Other times, they decide to do it themselves but they underestimate the amount of work and attention it requires. 

And that’s totally understandable! You don’t know what you don’t know. 

For the reasons we’ve outlined above, we believe professional copywriting is a must if you’re investing in professional website design. That’s why, if you choose to hire Drio to design your website, we can help connect you with a copywriter to complete the package.

Learn more about our website design services. 

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