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Southway Builders celebrated one quarter of a century of service by building a brand new website. A local construction management firm, Southway Builders specializes in historic renovations, commercial properties and multi-family housing. Their impressive portfolio became the starting point for a visually stunning and user-friendly website.


Dominick Dunnigan, Vice President



WordPress Development

Responsive Design & Optimization

Team Training

The website that Drio created for us at Southway represents everything we were hoping for as a company. It is very well-organized and was built keeping user experience in mind. Updating and maintaining the site is also really intuitive, and Rachel or Hazel at Drio are always available to help us come up with solutions and ideas as needed.

Project Scope

Users are greeted with a video and beautiful imagery that showcases Southway Builders’ work in the community. We chose an easy-to-navigate interface and carried over their existing color palette to maintain consistent branding, but broke it up with more white space for a more refined experience.

The goal of the website redesign was to showcase the wide array of work that Southway does in the Baltimore Community.  It was intentionally built to allow for growth online as their physical team and space was growing as well.


  • Full Website Redesign
  • Custom created Portfolio page with filters and map view

Challenges and Solutions

Drio created a custom solution to showcase the company's portfolio to allow for a variety of filters and also to include a map feature to search by the project location.  This solution allows Southway to display the number of projects that they have been a part of as well as the location, size and scope of those projects.

Drio also created a custom about page to show the full staff at Southway.  The page was intentionally designed to show all employees without the distinction of a hierarchy within the company.  In doing so, this page shows the true diversity among the team and a commitment for Southway to continue to place an emphasis on diversity in their hiring practices.


We collaborated closely with Southway Builders to establish a more concise information architecture and create a brand narrative that elevates Southway’s impressive portfolio and differentiates them in the competitive marketplace. Clear-cut navigation allows potential clients and subcontractors to quickly and easily get where they need to go.

The WordPress interface allows the marketing team at Southway to continue to update, refine and add to their website as they complete new projects and hire more team members.

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