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Saeculum specializes in downsizing and senior moves, because the one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't work when it comes to your move.


Josh Wilbanks, Owner


4 Week Website Solution

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They listened to what we really wanted for the website and turned it into a beautifully designed product.

Project Scope

Josh Wilbanks worked with Drio on the creation of his online Auction site, Alexandria Auctions and when he was looking for help with the new Saeculum Real Estate website, he knew Drio could help. Saeculum Real Estate was a smaller website focusing only on senior clientele. Since this site required less content and design & we immediately suggested Drio's 4 Week Website Solution, a turn-key website solution for small businesses like you who want a website that looks like a million bucks … without spending a million bucks.

Challenges and Solutions

Saeculum Real Estate was a perfect fit for our 4-Week Website experience, which is ideal for socially-conscious Home Services Providers and B2B Small Business Professionals who are ready to level up, in just 4 weeks. So Josh, worked through our easy to follow, copywriter-created strategic prompts to craft the content for Saeculum Real Estate with words that speak directly to his audience, seniors who are in transition. The Saeculum Real Estate website was built using Drio's 6 page 4 week website solution with the blog, currently hidden until the client is ready to start posting articles.


The new design incorporates a simple navigation, services that are easy to understand with a process that sets them apart. This 4 week website, is custom to Saeculum Real Estate without the custom website fee.

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