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Experience the next generation in property management.


Pelican Property Management is an HOA & Condo commercial property management service.


Jordan Levine, Co-Owner



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From start to finish their hands-on approach proved to work incredibly well. While designing the website, I made a comment that it felt like they were designing our new Pelican Property Management Home. Well I have to say that our new home turned out better than expected.

Project Scope

Pelican Property Management was founded in 2014 by Jordan and Joe. They started the company with the vision of transforming the dated property management industry. Their motto, which hangs as a sign in their office, is to "challenge the status quo through advances in technology, innovation, and communication."

Drio's job was to work with their team to create an updated, fresh design that also included the functionality that they need to provide for the properties that they manage.

Challenges and Solutions

Our client was looking for a site refresh – they challenged us to develop an eye-catching site that better represented their brand virtually.

What we did:

1) Added a video hero to incorporate movement to the homepage.

2) Incorporated on brand supporting graphics into our design. Who knew pelicans could be so cute?

3) Added calls to action throughout the site. On the homepage, for example, we have several CTA buttons to encourage the user to go to the next step.

4) Refreshed their brand messaging and content with a content audit.


To keep users engaged, we included a mixture of content, including attention-grabbing icons, video, and big imagery to create a refreshing visual experience. Our new design also focused on creating a site experience that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. The result is a new website that is approachable and easy to explore!

From the Client

What made you choose Drio?
We chose Drio because Hazel and Rachel are a fantastic team. The right and left brain of Drio works for us every time we are ready to begin a new project. They have a unique combination that can collaborate and develop brilliant ideas and implement them successfully.

What were your main pain points before working with Drio?
We had a basic system that was cobbled together over multiple years on WordPress. It was not very useful and extremely cumbersome.

What was your experience like working with Drio?
It is truly one of our best partnerships

What has surprised you most about this experience?
How incredibly easy they have made the entire process.

How has this made a difference in your business/life?
We now have one of the best-looking websites in our category of business.

Did you feel supported by Drio post-website launch? How so?
Absolutely. We had a test site all along the way and both Hazel and Rachel were correcting any bugs or issues into the evening hours of the launch. Now we collaborate monthly on minor tweaks that need to be made to our site periodically.

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