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365 Telecare

Your Partners in Providing Post-Discharge Care and Care Gap Closure


365 Telecare's mission is to serve and support the complex care transitions needs of healthcare organizations in a rapidly evolving landscape of patient care.

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Project Scope

Iteration 2 of the 365Telecare website represents a pivotal phase where we build upon the foundational elements established in the initial iteration. This scope of work outlines the enhancements and refinements incorporated in iteration 2, guided by client feedback and emerging requirements.


  1. User Interface (UI) Improvements:
    • Refinement of UI elements to enhance usability and visual appeal.
    • Adjustments to layout, color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetics for a more engaging user experience.
  2. Navigation Enhancements:
    • Streamlining and optimization of navigation to facilitate easier access to website content.
    • Improvement of menu structures, addition of breadcrumb trails, and implementation of search functionalities.
  3. Content Updates:
    • Addition of new content, revision of existing content, and removal of outdated information.
    • Prioritization of content clarity, relevance, and accuracy to improve user understanding.
  4. Responsive Design:
    • Implementation of responsive design principles to ensure consistent user experience across devices and screen sizes.
  5. Performance Optimization:
    • Optimization efforts aimed at improving website loading times and overall performance

Challenges and Solutions

365Telecare's challenge lay in ensuring their website accurately reflected their brand identity and values while providing a seamless user experience. They needed to update their WordPress-based site to improve design, content, and overall aesthetics. Our solution involved collaborating with them to develop a new site structure, create easily digestible content for their services, and implement a new design aesthetic that aligned better with their brand.


365Telecare, a leading provider of telehealth solutions, aimed to update their WordPress-based website to enhance user experience, improve design, content, and aesthetics. With the help of our tutorial videos, the client will have the ability to add new content seamlessly, ensuring the site remains fresh and relevant as needed. This initiative reflects their commitment to providing an engaging platform for users to access telehealth services and resources, strengthening their position as a trusted leader in the industry.

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