How Often Should I Blog?

May 17, 2012

The more you blog the better you will rank in search engines. Posting frequently can lead to a huge increase to your blog’s success.   If you want to increase traffic to your blog then you will want to publish content multiple times per day on as many days of the week.  Multiple times a day means as many as 4-6 times a day. In the end, you want to turn readers into followers. You want your followers to be checking in and coming back for more information.

Note: *When blogging for business connections posting many times per day may not mean to your blog, but may mean to your social media channels.  Don’t just “set it an forget it”.  You’ll want to promote, promote and promote some more!  Figure out how to create engagement through your promotion, don’t just post a link to the article you wrote.  Add some commentary that connects you to your followers and readers.*

Content is skill king!

Also, focus on your content!  By creating new and valuable information you will turn frequent readers into followers which boost your SEO and help generate a higher rate of organic traffic. Use your blog as a platform to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. If your content is informative and delivered on a consistent schedule your readers will stay connected and remain interested. Create an editorial calendar and plan out your weekly and monthly topics. Utilizing an editorial calendar will aid you as you can map out your schedule and figure out what topics you want to tackle and keep your thoughts organized.

Test your business blogging strategy…

So to piggy back from my previous post it’s our belief that like everything else in life you need to see what works for you.  Try experimenting with different formats and posting frequencies. Test different methods out for a few weeks and measure your success with each approach. Once you create a strategy make sure you stick to the plan. Down the road, tweaking your strategy plan is inevitable as it should evolve as your business changes.

Stay tuned next week for some blogging topic ideas!

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