The $219/mo charge covers web hosting, 1 monthly support ticket, and legal pages/cookie notice set up.

Web Hosting: During this time, we watch your website like a hawk to keep it healthy and running smoothly. We manage updates, plugins, vulnerabilities, patches with our web hosting. We stand ready for when anything unforeseen occurs. The bottom line: If anything happens to your website, just email us and we’ll handle it.

At the end of your first year with us, you’re free to take your site elsewhere, but most of our clients stay with us and we think you’ll see why.

Monthly Support Ticket: Submit a support ticket and we will handle any updates that take no more than 30 minutes to complete; please note that any unused time will not roll over into the following month.

Legal Pages/Cookie Notice Set Up: We will set up a Termageddon license for your website to create these pages.