5 Simple Steps to Building your Digital Marketing Plan

5 Simple Steps to Building your Digital Marketing Plan

The first rule to marketing? Have a plan.

Place a hand on your heart and promise us: I will not randomly spend resources on tactics that aren’t backed by a strategy.

The thing is, it can be daunting to create a marketing plan. It requires big picture thinking, as well as small granular-level planning. It involves left brain analytics and right-brained creativity.

You need to figure out what your business’s goals are (big and small), then plot a way to reach them through the many marketing options available.

But with the right processes, it doesn’t have to be scary. It can even be, dare we say, fun!

We recommend re-visiting your marketing plan at least once per year to make sure your objectives, target demographics, market research, and marketing activities still fit your company’s goals.

To help you begin, we’re laying out 5 core steps to creating a marketing plan that works.

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The Right Brain...With a degree in Business Administration and an impressive background in marketing and sales, Hazel works with Drio clients to maintain cost and scheduling goals while bringing her creative intuition to each project in production.

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