Turning a Passion into a Business

February 12, 2019

Just last week, I had a meeting with a fellow creative who joined our Monument Women’s Creative Alliance group early on and connected with me at one of our events. She is where I was circa 2011, still in a full-time career, but looking to make a go of becoming a business owner, going out on her own.

As I sat with her and told her my story, I realized how much I valued the wisdom I took from the people I looked to when Drio was in the beginning stages. I am so thankful for what they provided to me and the patience they had with me as I was getting to know people in the design/marketing world in Baltimore.

It’s because of all of those wonderful people and my experiences along the way that I always look forward to meeting with people I can advise and encourage to take the plunge to become a business owner. I enjoy being a resource as they take on clients and make relationships and may need advice or help along the way.

When I was speaking with this one woman in particular, one of her major reservations was whether or not she was going down this path toward becoming a business owner for the right reasons. She wanted validity that her “why” was enough. She has a passion for graphic design and really wants that to be what defines her. Was it enough, she wondered? My answer was, “YES!! That is definitely enough.” I believe you must be self-motivated and be following a true passion in order to go out on your own.

Even though I was wholeheartedly encouraging her, I didn’t want to sugar-coat the hard work that’s involved in running a business. The truth is, you absolutely have to be in it for the long-haul and know that there will be bumps along the way.

I shared my story with her. I was able to begin my business while maintaining my full-time job, so I could have some stability and security, while exploring the viability of my business. I also took that time to join local organizations and networking groups. I got as involved as possible so that I could meet people in the industry and seek help and advice as I got started.

As I look back at the beginning of my career, I’m so grateful that Hazel and I were able to start Monument Women’s Creative Alliance. We are honored to be a resource for local creative women who are looking for advice, networking, education and community in our hometown of Baltimore.

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About the Author: Rachel McFadden

She’s helped build roads in Baltimore, Maryland. Now this civil engineer turned WordPress wizard and graphic designer creates websites and marketing collateral that build bridges between you and your ideal customers. In a nutshell, she makes sure that when a potential client finds you online, there’s a clear, connected, on-brand digital path that leads them straight to your inbox, smartphone, or checkout page.

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