Monument Women’s Creative Alliance

Monument Women’s Creative Alliance

When Rachel and I started Drio in late 2011, we started looking for organizations we could join to meet others in our industry. We aligned ourselves with B’More Creatives, a group that was founded to foster growth, collaboration, and a productive learning environment for women in creative professions. We joined initially as members but then as we got more involved we became board members. B’More Creatives was instrumental in helping Drio get up and running. It was a place where we could go for business advice, creative advice and anything in between.

In late 2017, B’More Creatives closed its doors. With their blessing, Rachel and I founded Monument Women’s Creative Alliance (MWCA). We were proud to continue the mission of bringing women in the creative profession together.

Monument Women’s Creative Alliance is open to women in any and all creative professions. It was very important for us to ensure that we attracted women from a wide array of industries. We didn’t just want to cater to website developers or marketing professionals because that’s what we do. We are proud to say we have women in a wide array of industries, including artists, photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, architects … to name a few!

We wanted this new iteration of the group to encompass the many amazing female creatives in Baltimore. While every single day, we learn and grow from the group as a by-product, our core mission is to give back to the women creative community.

Monument Women’s Creative Alliance creates a safe space where creative women in business can gain invaluable knowledge from other women in Baltimore. We work to put on thoughtful educational events, have fun and give back to our community!

What is your girl squad like? Are you all supporting each other? There is strength in numbers, and women supporting women is when magic happens.

If you feel that you could benefit from being part of our group we’d love for you to join us.

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The Right Brain...With a degree in Business Administration and an impressive background in marketing and sales, Hazel works with Drio clients to maintain cost and scheduling goals while bringing her creative intuition to each project in production.

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