Black Eyed Susan Day 5/20/16

May 23, 2016

It’s funny how each and every one of us has a large network of contacts, but we don’t truly realize this until we are out and about. Recently, we heard about the Black-Eyed Susan Day’s “Ultimate Girls Day Out” via Baltimore Women In Business Group via LinkedIn. It sounded like the PERFECT excuse to venture out of the office! As a local woman-owned business, the event, which celebrated the spirit and strength of women at Pimlico Race Course, was right up our alley. 

Rachel and I didn’t think we would run into anyone we know.  To our surprise, we ended spending the afternoon running into clients and friends at the races much to our surprise!

As small business advisers, we are always encouraging our own clients to go out and meet people and take part in community events. We believe these gestures ultimately lead to real connections and opportunities. We decided to take our own advice and ended up having a great day at the track! We’ll be making an effort to attend more local events in the future–and we hope to see you there.

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