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May 4, 2012

To be totally honest, there are other ways to drive traffic to your business website aside from blogging.  Blogging for business traffic takes hard work and dedication.

Those other ways of driving traffic can be mindless and can be very expensive.  There are link farms (where your you buy inbound links to your website), there are e-mail lists available for purchase, and there are SEO firms that promise a number one spot in google.

So, all of those options are fine and dandy if you have one goal in mind, that is to see an increase in traffic.  But, correct me if I’m wrong, an increase in traffic without and increase in sales is not doing your company any good.  In fact, if you do too much cheating in the way of driving traffic to your website google will not like you and you could be banned!  Talk about having to start from scratch again.

Start Blogging and Driving Converting Traffic to Your Website

Creating a blog is the right way to drive the traffic to your site in an organic fashion.  The content created on your blog is one-of-a-kind and will attract those searching google for the sort of services or products that you provide.

You will be more likely to attract the sales driving traffic that your business is looking for by creating a blog.  Become an master blogger at your company and you will definitely succeed!

You should know that this type of organic traffic takes time to build and you cannot expect success overnight.  Its a relationship that you must work on day in and day out.  It will, however, be very rewarding and successful once it gets established.

What are the Key Benefits of Blogging for your Business?

  1. Your unique content is sure to drive inbound links, organically.  Other companies and individuals want to link to the content you have created.  Much better than the expensive link farm option.
  2. Your business becomes an expert of your niche.  Many other companies may be providing similar products or services to yours, but if they aren’t writing about it in a blog, they aren’t seen as an expert.
  3. You can use the blog you’ve created for your business as a way to show your customers that you are human.  Put a little TLC into you blog and write from your heart.  This will help to encourage comments and trackbacks (links back) to your blog posts.
  4. Content creation is the number one way for a small business to quickly get noticed when competing with the larger publicly traded companies of the world.
  5. The more content you create in blog posts, the more pages you add to your website.  Each page can be individually optimized for search engines and the more pages that are properly optimized, the easier it will be to appear in the top google results.


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About the Author: Rachel McFadden

She’s helped build roads in Baltimore, Maryland. Now this civil engineer turned WordPress wizard and graphic designer creates websites and marketing collateral that build bridges between you and your ideal customers. In a nutshell, she makes sure that when a potential client finds you online, there’s a clear, connected, on-brand digital path that leads them straight to your inbox, smartphone, or checkout page.

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