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May 22, 2012

For some, the idea of blogging for their business is daunting.  I can understand this, that blank page staring you in the face begging for you to come up with great compelling content for your readers.  You want to create that content that people really connect to, you want to be an expert in your field.

So, where should you start?  How do you create a community and get people involved?

I have 5 simple blogging for business topic ideas that are sure to help you get started blogging today.

1. Frequently asked questions

I’m sure you have questions from your customers or your clients.  This is my #1 recommended place to start with blogging.  You want to answer your customers questions.  You have an opportunity to create great content, answer the best questions and save yourself time in the future from answering questions over and over again to each individual.

I highly recommend that you take one question at a time.  First, it simplifies it for the reader and second, it gives you more opportunities to blog.

This is my #1 recommendation because if you answer the questions in your industry that no one else is answering, not only will you become the go-to place to find answers, but you will have created a perfect opportunity for your business to connect with future customers and clients through the comments section on your blog.

2. Write content for your ideal customer

Forget writing all about you and your business connect to your ideal customer on a deeper level.  If you own a restaurant that sells organic food, connect with that customer outside of just food.  Perhaps you can create content on topics such as recycling, composting or saving energy.

It’s topics such as these that will capture the readers attention and turn them into a subscriber.

3. How to’s

Here’s where you can shine!  Give away some free advice.  This is your opportunity to create really useful content.  Help your readers out.

Encourage your readers who follow your how-to tutorials to share their experiences.  This could be a great opportunity to help you spread the word for free.  Your readers could share to their social media circles, create videos on you tube referencing your tutorial or write a blog post with links back to your tutorial post.

4. Connect on a personal level

As an avid blogger as well as blog reader, I know that it is always nice when you feel like you are reading content written by a real person.  You start to connect more with those bloggers and you will certainly want to go back to find out more about what is new for them and their business.

Speak to your readers about your beginnings and where you plan to be in 5 years or tell them a story what happened in your office last week.  Try to put a face to the name of your business!

5. Comparison posts

Create posts that compare one idea with another or one item or service against another.  I have written a popular post comparing WordPress to html built websites.  You can use this to compare your product or services to your competitors, but I warn you not to be overly ‘salesy’.

Create more informative content and focus less on selling to people.  It’s the great content that will give your business a leg up on your competitors, so don’t try to force it by selling your products in your blog posts.

These ideas should give your blog a great starting point!   Now that you have some topics, put them into a list and add them to your editorial calendar and crank them out regularly!  Don’t leave your readers wondering if you’ll ever write again.  Keep them engaged and stay connected!

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