What is a Blog?

May 2, 2012

I can’t think of any situation where blogging for business websites is not recommended.  It never fails, however that when we suggest to a business owner to add a blog to a website redesign, we get a bit of hesitation.

So, why the hesitation?  Is it the fact that the blog is misunderstood?  Is it a lack of understanding as to how a blog works?  It is the question of, what is a blog?

Let us explore a bit, dive deeper to understand the answers to these questions.  We want you to fully understand what a blog is to understand how the blog can help your business succeed.  We want the word blog to become an everyday term in your vocabulary so that it is no longer a scary thought.  It is something you are going to want to get very comfortable with.

Help me understand the blog…

A blog can be used for both personal and professional reasons.  In the late 90’s blogging began in the form of online diaries.  With the introduction of web-based blogging software in the early 2000’s, blogging started to take shape as a platform for people to reach out and connect with like-minded individuals.  To start a blog became as easy as creating a name and choosing a few colors and beginning to write.

It has been since about 2004 that blogs have become a source of important new stories.  Have you noticed blogs being cited during the morning news report on your way to work?

What’s the cool part about blogging?  Well, anyone can do it!  You are an expert in your line of business or in your favorite hobby.  People want to hear from the experts.  They want to be able to research about a particular topic and fine your awesome advice or testimonials about how you succeeded.  Readers want to be able to connect with you on your topics, they want to leave comments and receive a quick response back.

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How do I get started with my blog?

A great way to get started and to learn more about blogging is to dive right in.  I highly recommend using WordPress as a platform to write on.  It is simple, easy to understand, making writing a blog no different than typing a paper in a word document.

Creating a blog should not intimidate you or scare you, it can be as formal or informal as you’d like.  It’s about connecting with potential customers and helping them get a better understanding of who you are and why they should be interested in you.

If you’re not a webmaster, contact your webmaster and ask about adding a WordPress blog to a subdomain on your website, then be sure to add a tab in your navigation menu called “blog.”  You’ll be up and running in no time and by blogging for your business you will give yourself a leg up on your competition.

So, if you’re not completely convinced that you should get started with a blog today, subscribe to Drio’s newsletter and stay tuned for some great blogging tips.


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About the Author: Rachel McFadden

She’s helped build roads in Baltimore, Maryland. Now this civil engineer turned WordPress wizard and graphic designer creates websites and marketing collateral that build bridges between you and your ideal customers. In a nutshell, she makes sure that when a potential client finds you online, there’s a clear, connected, on-brand digital path that leads them straight to your inbox, smartphone, or checkout page.

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