Client Spotlight: CARRY Media™

Client Spotlight: CARRY Media™

Drio partnered with the team at CARRY Media™ to launch their first home on the web.  CARRY Media™’s ultimate goal is to capture subscribers for their weekly email newsletter.  This project has a special place in our hearts because their mission is to support moms (like us!) in the workplace.

From the client:

“We’re very pleased! You did a wonderful job :)”

– Paula Faris, Founder

“Website is so so so so good.”

– Terri Flannagan, Executive Content Partner

It’s all about the Subscribers

Team CARRY™ approached us with the goal to launch a website in conjunction with the launch of their weekly newsletter. With a deadline of January 2022 we started the project in late summer of 2021. The goal was to create an visually exciting and engaging website that would capture the attention of those working moms who need to feel supported in their everyday juggling act. We have strategically placed call to actions throughout the website that allow visitors to easily subscribe for the weekly content.

The Process

We collaborate with every client that we work with, but because this was a brand new website, for a newly formed media company it required some extra Drio love. And we were happy to do it & be a part of something that will benefit all working moms. The client gave us creative freedom to use their colors and our imagery to build this dynamic website that connects moms right to the information that will help to rewrite the story for working moms. One of the key features of the website, beyond the strong design is the copy. The client’s investment in a copywriter is what sets the results apart from other projects we have completed. Finally, we build the website in WordPress in such a way that allows for the CARRY™ team to build upon what we have created to add new content, share articles and grow as their company grows.

Our Client’s Success is Our Success

We believe this to be true for each and every project that we work on. It’s so important for our clients to succeed and we love helping them along the way. Our goal with this project, like many others was to help make CARRY Media™ the obvious choice for mothers who are looking to feel supported as both a mom and a working mom. If you are a working mom, please subscribe to their weekly newsletter.

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The Left Brain...With a Masters in Engineering and a degree Civil Engineering it’s hard to not embrace critical thinking, logic and reasoning. With each Drio project, Rachel applies left-brain dominance to her work. That’s great for clients – to know that “under the hood” online strategies are well conceived and applied.

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