Client Spotlight: Anti-Displacement Network

Client Spotlight: Anti-Displacement Network

Drio developed a custom website & email template for the Small Business Anti-displacement Network (SBAN), a national network of small business leaders supporting diverse businesses in gentrifying neighborhoods.

The University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth (NCSG) connected with Drio to build a new WordPress website for SBAN.  The organization is combating the conditions that make small businesses in gentrifying neighborhoods vulnerable to displacement. The website needed to support the growth of this new initiative with a place to share resources & tools pertaining to the end user’s specific challenges, and for users to learn about upcoming events and/or get involved.

Small businesses are a vital part of economically healthy, socially vibrant, and environmentally sustainable communities.

The Small Business Anti-Displacement Network (SBAN) provides small business leaders with the tools and capacity to help businesses stay in place. Drio partnered with SBAN to build their new website that allows them to continue to build upon the tools that they have begun creating for small businesses. The new site can be found at

An interactive toolkit to help businesses find the resources that pertain to their needs

During our kickoff meeting SBAN discussed the need for an interactive toolkit on their new website that would allow them to filter the various tools that they built for a variety of business types. The tools offer a wide array of resources for the business owners and it is imperative that they are able to easily locate the resources based on their particular needs. We had many discussions with the full SBAN team to determine their exact needs and to be able to provide them with a final result that exceeded their expectations.

Big Thanks

“Just wanted to send out a big thank you for your hard work on the relaunch of the SBAN site. It looks beautiful! Thank you for your patience and persistence in working through the kinks and our ideations to make this happen. We look forward to continuing to work with you!”

SBAN Director, Willow Lung- Amam

Evolving project needs

Part of the project requirements were to provide SBAN with a website that they could continue to build upon as their organization grows. We carefully crafted the back-end of their website to allow them to make their own updates and to add pages, content and imagery as needed. It was part of our goal to provide a website that not only looks good and is built with user experience at the forefront, but also allows for the client’s team to continue to grow with the site that we started for them.

Additional Digital Marketing Tools

In order to help give the Anti-Displacement Network a cohesive brand style, we built them a custom newsletter template that they can use to connect with their community and keep them informed about the project, how to use their resources and how to get involved.

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