Taking Care of You Has Never Mattered More

Taking Care of You Has Never Mattered More

Our Brand Partner
WayForth is the nation’s largest move management provider. They eliminate the stress of moving by guiding their clients through the process step by step and delivering done-for-you moving solutions. Their motto is “you choose your new home, we’ll do the rest.”

The Challenge
WayForth has grown exponentially over the past 18 months, and it was ready for an online presence that matched the organization’s ongoing evolution. WayForth was looking to elevate its brand image and create a clear customer journey fortis three core buyer personas. 

What We Did

1.) Content Strategy
We collaborated with WayForth to establish a more concise information architecture and create a clear customer journey for their different buyer personas. We featured clear, prominent calls to action, allowing different buyer personas to quickly self-identify and go to a separate web page that spoke directly to their needs. In addition, with the pandemic top of mind, we elevated the Health and Safety messaging to instill confidence.

2.) Web UI/UX Design and Development
Our new design focused on their three major audiences groups. We created a consistent visual story for each, using the same color palette, fonts and styling throughout to make for an incredibly uniform design. We also incorporated large font treatment on the site and large, full-width imagery to make it more aesthetically appealing and easy to read. In addition, we added strategic calls to action throughout the site to guide the user through seamlessly.

See more at: wayforth.com

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