Creating a World Where Everyone Feels at Home

Creating a World Where Everyone Feels at Home

Welcoming International is a coalition of initiatives advancing inclusion in localities worldwide. This organization assists local governments and communities seeking to build greater inclusion and make their cities or countries a more welcoming place for all.

The Challenge
Our client was looking for a brand new website, a dedicated digital space, for Welcoming International. They challenged us to develop a site that highlighted the unique impact of inclusive policies and programs in countries around the world and showcased how everyone could get involved.

What We Did
1.) Integrated an interactive map that utilizes location pins to highlight the various countries that WI works in. Once a user clicks on a location pin the country page opens up with more specific information.
2) Added calls to action throughout the site. On the homepage, for example, we have several CTA buttons to encourage users to get involved.
3.) Developed a comprehensive online resource library.

Web UI/UX Design and Development
Our new design focused on creating a site experience that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. We wanted current and potential supporters to quickly understand the ultimate value that WI provides and all the different ways to get involved. The result is a new website that shares their mission and inspires action!

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