Your Partner for a Cleaner, Greener World

Your Partner for a Cleaner, Greener World

Our Brand Partner
Let’s be frank. What goes into the sewer doesn’t vanish into thin air. But that’s a good thing. Because in the natural world, one organism’s waste is another’s fuel. And the nutrients we take out of our food chain must be restored. In nature, this happens naturally. But in modern society, somebody has to handle it. Most people don’t like to talk about it, but at Synagro, they are proud to rise to the challenge. They work to turn waste into worth by helping municipalities move toward safer, cleaner, and more environmentally beneficial practices.

The Challenge
Our client was looking to expand the way they speak about their work and emphasize the value they create, not just the risk they reduce. A few new features of the site include:
1)   A new interactive map feature that gives a macro overview of their current geographic footprint in North America.
2)   New environmental headshot portraits of their leadership team.
3)   Shifting the focus of their content to a more customer-centric messaging. The end result was a fresh design focused on making the whole experience more user-friendly and engaging for their clients.

Content Strategy
By collaborating closely with Synagro, we condensed and reworked the website’s information architecture so that only relevant and current pages exist. We also worked with the client to create customer-centric brand messaging that was tailored to their 3 audience groups – municipalities, farmers and communities.

Web UI/UX Design and Development
We included a mixture of video, attention-grabbing icons, and big imagery to the new design to keep users engaged. Our new design focused on creating a site experience that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. The result is a website that highlights the incredible importance of their work.

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