Meet Erika – The Copywriter You’ve Been Wishing For

Meet Erika – The Copywriter You’ve Been Wishing For

After being in business for five years, copywriter Erika Holmes was ready for a brand new website look and feel. Erika specializes in writing website and email copy for personality-driven brands.

Her goal was to create a vibrant, playful home on the web that attracted her ideal client, showcased her website copy skills and inspired visitors to linger on each page. We created interactive elements throughout the site to encourage longer visits and funneled people toward booking a call or signing up for her email list on each page.

Scope of work:

Website Design and Development
Bold color and font choices played a big role in bringing this vision to life. An interactive slider on the home page invites users to get a feel for Erika’s personality. Each section was purposefully designed to guide users toward their next step.

Photography played a large role in the design success of this website.  Erika had a look in mind when she sent us her photos and we loved the energetic vibe that they provide to the overall design and layout.

Lead Driven User-Experience

As Erika’s website guides you through meeting her and understanding her services, it was important to her to generously scatter calls to action throughout the site.  Each section of the site brings you to learn more about her and services and to find what menu item is right for you.  And, if you are not quite ready to take the plunge, she’s included a few freebies in for visitors as well.  Whether a visitor signs up to take a quiz or to learn how to write their own website copy, these important call to actions help Erika to build a qualified email list and to create a inbound marketing lead generation funnel destined for success!

Erika’s told us she can’t stop hitting refresh on her brand new site. You won’t either! Check it out at

Finally, you will love the story as Erika tells it of her rebrand.  Maybe you’ll just decide it’s time for yours!!

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