On a Mission to Increase Global Literacy

On a Mission to Increase Global Literacy

The International Book Bank (IBB) helps increase global literacy by supporting the development and distribution of books and other educational materials in developing countries.

IBB was ready to take their brand presence to the next level via a website redesign. They wanted to put the focus on their current initiatives and have the flexibility to refresh the messaging as new projects come up. Their goals were to 1) tell their story 2)  encourage donations and 3) shine a light on the 3 projects they’re currently engaged in.

To keep users engaged, we included a mixture of content, including attention-grabbing icons, engaging stories and big, emotional imagery. We wanted users to quickly see what International Bank is all about without having to dig too deep. Above the fold, we featured their mission, allowing visitors to see immediately understand what they do.

We chose an easy-to-navigate interface and created an about page with an interactive timeline that tells the brand’s story. Next, we created a drop-down menu, drawing the visitor’s attention to International Book Bank current projects.

The prominent Donate Now call to action lives both in the hero image, and in the top right-hand corner.
The result is a modern website that inspires, informs, and motivates people to donate.

Check it out at www.internationalbookbank.org.

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