Watchwood Consulting Group – Developing Communications Skills for Business Leaders

Watchwood Consulting Group – Developing Communications Skills for Business Leaders

Watchwood Consulting Group is a consulting company that specializes in teaching and developing communication skills for business leaders. From coaching and workshops, to teambuilding exercises and more, Watchwood helps businesses build foundations that result in strategic hiring practices and magnetic company culture.

Our client was ready to update their existing WordPress website. Same domain, totally different look and feel. Beyond just updating the aesthetics, she also wanted to update her content. One of the things we love about WordPress, is that it’s a platform that’s easy to use, search-engine friendly, and easy to update as our clients’ businesses grows. Most important, there are tons of outside features we can use that are compatible with the WordPress platform, so it can be customized to fit the business needs today and tomorrow.

The Scope of Work

  • Content Strategy
    We collaborated closely with Watchwood to establish a more concise information architecture and create a brand narrative that elevates their competitive advantage and differentiates them in the marketplace. We wanted users to quickly see what her service offerings are without having to dig too deep. We also incorporated a white paper download for prospective clients. Debbie plans to keep blogging and connecting with clients with thoughtful conversations. We also updated imagery throughout the site.
  • Web UI/UX Design and Development
    To keep users engaged, we included a mixture of content, including attention-grabbing icons, engaging videos and big imagery. We chose an easy-to-navigate interface and carried over their existing color palette to maintain consistent branding, but broke it up with more white space for a more refined experience.

The result is a modern website that inspires, informs and converts. Check it out at

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